CNBC is the dominant voice in financial news. As a result, they capture a huge, affluent, loyal audience every single day. They recognized an opportunity to expand their brand into Primetime with entertainment programming anchored around the network's core theme: money. This new brand needed to appeal to upwardly mobile men, feel premium without being elitist, and make a clear visual and tonal break from Business Day.

We engineered the look, feel, motion and voice to create a premium, masculine brand with an edge. Stark black and white photography and simple, monospaced type create a marked contrast to the busy, colorful, data-driven daypart. Language injects the design with a confident, cocky tone. In motion, the imagery shears into clean, graphic slices that ease from shot to shot with the precision of a Swiss watch. A crisp logo resolve caps off every promo and ID. The mark itself is simple, balanced and bold.

In addition to the graphic toolkit, we shot live-action in the California desert and the Hollywood Hills to build a library of luxury and lifestyle footage. To round out the toolkit, we also curated a library of premium sourced photography.

“The branding of CNBC Prime is both unquestionably on target and expertly done.”
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The Logo

The final logo is a perfect square, strong and sturdy, balanced and bold. It is designed to feature and accentuate footage and typography, putting the brand front and center.

In our exploration we designed strictly typographic logos and logos that included a mark, a monogram or an icon. As a family they’re clean, classic and modern. They’re never over-worked, overly gimmicky or shouting too loud.

Hero Logo

Small Format Logo

Logo Exploration

The Grid

The backbone to our on-air system is the grid. It gives us a consistent, flexible framework for every single component of our brand. The logo, tune-in, slices, even negative spaces are all defined by the grid.

In motion, images can be sliced along the grid horizontally or vertically. Those slices can move separately, or be clustered together into slabs.

8x6 Modular Grid