Mun2 (Spanish pronunciation: mundos) is American cable and satellite network catering to young Latinos living in the U.S. A companion channel to Telemundo, mun2 is a proud fusion of cultures, the programming is a mix of reality, scripted series, music, sports, novelas and movies. A reflection of the audience, Mun2 airs programming in both English and Spanish.

The brand lives with a foot in both worlds. Latin / American, Spanish / English, Style / Substance... this theme of duality, fusion, intersection informs everything we do. Image treatment, typography, messaging, and animation all come back that same core idea.

The channel and the audience has been growing significantly in recent years. Setting firm but flexible guidelines for everything from logo usage, talent photography, iconography, typesetting and animation style was key. Our delivery included cross platform branding guidelines, an on-air graphic toolkit and a live-action awareness campaign.

mun2 is the leading media brand for young U.S. Latinos


Mun2 is truly bilingual. Typically daytime shows air in English, and primetime is predominantly Spanish-language programming. Our type system plays off of this idea graphically. Both languages are represented, and we can resolve to either one.

Consistency and simplicity were important to keep things nimble and easy to update. We use the same typeface, the same weight everywhere on-air.

Day / Prime

A separate palette for daytime and primetime became a key feature of the package. The audiences and the programming are different; daytime is typically music and pop-culture themed while primetime skews toward novelas, sports, reality and drama.

Daytime Palette: Color Mulitples

Daytime Palette: Color Mulitples


Expressive, lively, fun photography was a key part of the brand. With the help of the mun2 team in L.A. we styled, cast, directed and shot dozens of extras as the start of an asset library for day and primetime. Based on our guidelines, the mun2 team shot (and continues to shoot) show-specific talent.

With the help of the mun2 team in L.A. we styled, cast, directed, and shot dozens of extras as the start of an asset library for day and primetime.

Image Treatment

The image treatment was based on the idea of isolating the R, G and B channels and pushing them into a mun2 branded palette. The images could then be overlaid and recombined. It all comes back to the idea of overlapping cultures, intersecting worlds.

Orignal Image: Daytime

Branded Color Separation Image: Daytime

Orignal Image: Primetime

Branded Color Separation Image: Primetime


Mun2 had amassed a library of icons for use on and off-air, but the system lacked a coherent vision and consistent design. We helped unify, expand and modernize the system.

New icons can be created for use at the brand level, on a per-show basis or for specific sales, marketing or event needs.