A look as stylish and sophisticated as the audience.

When Logo launched in 2005 it served a very under-served LGBT community. Over the years, LGBT life has hit the mainstream and Logo's programming and appeal has grown broader, becoming a lifestyle brand informed by the sensibility of the LGBT community.

The goal was to refresh the look and feel to more closely reflect the style and sophistication of the audience. There was a sense internally that the brand had fallen a bit out of alignment with the culture at large; The reign of Queens and the celebration of all things camp has reached its saturation point.

The new design takes cues from mid-century modern design. It’s simple, sophisticated and clean. There’s still plenty of room for wit, humor and light-hearted fare, but the package feels elevated and puts the talent front and center.

Logo needed a light, nimble, flexible toolkit. Building our entire graphic recipe around just a few key ingredients allowed the Logo team to roll the package out quickly and easily. Subtle variations in the palette, type, imagery and pattern yield a diverse but unified brand.


The brushed logotype is a signature. It lends a personal touch to the brand and complements the spare, mid-century inspired look of the package. The dot is always an accent, a pop of color.




Type plays a lead role in the overall package design. Eames Century Modern is our display face. Its wit and charm is balanced by the geometric rigor of DIN.


In addition to providing graphic texture, a library of ‘glpyhs’ adds context and commentary. Quite literally punctuating key moments in animation.

Color Families

The palette is derived from a few key color families. Color can be mixed, reduced and expanded within each family. There are usage guidelines, but no hard and fast rules; the library is designed to grow with the brand.

Dark Neutrals

Best for graphic elements

Light Neutrals

Works well with photography

Midtone Accents

Also works well with photography

Neon Accents

To be used sparingly, for contrast


Footage and photography can be screened with a branded color treatment quickly and easily. Ready-made adjustments stamp any image with a signature Logo look.

Full Color Image Treatment

This color treatment is the lightest touch. The goal is to gently nudge the dark and light values into our brand palette. The colors you choose for the gradient map can vary and may need to be adjusted on a per-case basis.

Overprint Image Treatment

This color treatment is a slightly heavier touch. We’re converting an image into a one-color overlay so it can pair with the background.

Duotone Image Treatment (with pattern)

This color treatment is the heaviest touch. The gradient map can do all the work in this case, levels and colors may be adjusted on a per-case basis.