Upfront: Lincoln Center

This year, BET wanted to launch their 2015 Upfront with a bang. Hosted at Lincoln Center, the goal was to take the traditional sales presentation and transform it into an immersive, sexy, fun and memorable experience.

Our solution was to create a hyper graphic, bold mashup of visual styles and materials in one energetic, fast paced edit.

Logistically, the graphics needed to feel custom but easily customizable for last minute changes. This approach to design needed to inform an array of toolkit deliverables including: title cards, backgrounds, transitions, lower thirds, signage / posters and print collateral.

Turning network ad sales into a stylish, memorable event.



We came up with several distinct hero looks that would weave throughout the edit and event, each style teasing out hints of the BET logo.

This allowed for a package with lots of flexibility and energy. By mixing and matching pieces from each look BET could come up with new elements on the fly, while still feeling like a cohesive package.

Geometric Dimension







With such a mix of different styles, it was important to have a consistent editorial technique.

We provided BET with the following outline. Each title card animation is rendered in one hero look. However, they could transition from footage to graphics with 3 graphic shots of their choosing. This keeps edit feeling energetic and new every time.


Bold, modern and all caps, the type acts as an anchor, grounding a system that is otherwise very expressive.

The simple, modern face has also has more complex alternate characters- we use these letterforms sparingly throughout.

Segment Titles